Contest rules

Contest rules "Strava Challenge - Fausto Cycling"

Article 1

In accordance with the Royal Decree of June 5, 2004 concerning competitions which, as a result of promotional actions, may accompany the competitions organized by FAUSTO CYCLING BV, these regulations lay down the conditions of the competition "Strava Challenge" organized by FAUSTO CYCLING BV, public limited company of public law, whose headquarters are located at Oude Booischotsebaan 84, 2820 Bonheiden.

Article 2

Participation in this contest is only possible through Fausto's Strava club & registration page on Participation by mail or any other means of communication will not be considered.

Article 3

This contest will be held from 1/03/2024 12:00 until 31/08/2024 22:00.

Article 4

This contest is free and open to all natural persons from the age of 18 who reside in Europe.

Excluded are the following natural and legal persons:
  • the staff members of the organizing company and their families including partners living under the same roof;
  • the commercial promoters, their staff and family;
  • their advisors in advertising and promotion
The organizer reserves the right to require winners to provide an employment certificate or other document proving that they do not belong to any of the above categories. A participation is identified by the e-mail address of the participant. Any participation with a non-existent e-mail address is an invalid participation and will be cancelled. Also, any incomplete participation is invalid and will be cancelled. Participation in the contest can only be done electronically, which implies the use of an Internet connection.

Only one participation per person will be accepted.

Article 5

In order to participate, and under penalty of exclusion, the participant must provide his personal data via the registration page on

Article 6

In order to win, the participant must:

  1. Complete the official registration form
  2. Become a member of the Fausto Strava Club.

if the above steps are completed, you are a valid participant in the raffle.
A tool will randomly choose 2 cyclists per week from the list of top performers based on the Fausto Cycling Strava Club leaderboard. (Top 30)

In case of winning, forward his/her contact information.
Any shipping costs for receiving the prize will be at the participant's expense.

Article 7

The winner will be contacted personally through an email with discount code & a post in the Strava club

Article 8

FAUSTO CYCLING BV will ensure that the winner will be notified no later than Wednesday of the week following the win. Under no circumstances can the lottery tickets be exchanged for specie or other benefits in kind. The prizes may not be resold by the winners.

Contest prize:
  • 100% off a Fausto Cycling bibs or Jersey of your choice.

A winner cannot win more than one unique prize.

FAUSTO CYCLING BV is not responsible for prizes lost in transit. If prizes do not arrive at their destination (incorrect address, recipient has moved, no response from the winner to the notification of winning, ...), or if the participant does not respond to a request for additional information, a message will be sent to the email address provided by the participant in question, giving him one week to provide the requested information for the shipment of the prize. If this message remains unanswered or if the requested information is not forwarded to FAUSTO CYCLING BV in a timely manner, the participant in question shall lose any right to his prize.

Article 10

Anyone who takes part in this competition agrees that their personal data will be registered with FAUSTO CYCLING BV and may be used for marketing purposes. The data collected by FAUSTO CYCLING BV will be protected by FAUSTO CYCLING BV in accordance with the law of 8 December 1992.

Article 11

The winners of this competition agree that both their personal data (name and first name) will be publicized via a post on the Fausto Strava Club.

Article 12

Participation in the competition implies that you agree with these rules.